Global Studies - A Knowledge Community

This knowledge community is brought together by a common interest in the dynamics of globalization in the world today. The community interacts through innovative, annual face-to-face conference interactions, as well as year-round online relationships, peer reviewed journal and book series – explorying the affordances of the new digital media. Members of this knowledge community include academics, policy makers, public administrators, members of non-government organisations, educators and research students.


Members of the the Global Studies community meet at the Global Studies Conference, held annually in different locations around the world, each selected for its particular place in the dynamics of globalization. Those unable to attend the conference may opt for virtual participation, or simply submit a paper for peer review and possible publication in the journal.


The Global Studies community enables members to publish through three media. First, by participating in the Global Studies Conference, members can enter a world of journal publication unlike the traditional academic publishing forums – a result of the responsive, non-hierarchical and constructive nature of the peer review process. The Global Studies Journal provides a framework for double-blind peer review, enabling authors to publish into an academic journal of the highest standard.

The second publication medium is through the book series On Globalization, publishing cutting edge books in print and electronic formats. Publication proposals and manuscript submissions are welcome.

The third major publishing medium is our social media platform, Scholar, constantly publishing short news updates from the knowledge community. You can also join this conversation at Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to our email Newsletter.