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Featured Articles

Diversification of International Trade as Competitive Advantage: Case of Automotive Industry in Central and Eastern Europe

Lukas Mohelsky, University of Economics, Czech Republic

Game Theory, Political Psychology, and the Process of Democratization

Calvin Mouw, University of Illinois,Springfield, USA

Service Learning in the Global Community: A Collaborative Process in Architectural Education

Kelley Beaverford, University of Manitoba, Canada

The Greek Fall: Simulacral Thanatotourism in Europe

Rodanthi Tzanelli, University of Leeds, UK

Italo Calvino and Values of World Literature

Jane Curtis, Cape Breton University, Sydney, Canada

The Operating Performance of High Performance Companies during a Period of Financial Crisis: Risks and Opportunities

Belverd E. Needles, DePaul University, USA

Anton Shigaev, Kazan Federal University, Russian Federation

Marian Powers, Northwestern University, USA

Mark L. Frigo, DePaul University, USA

Liberal Constitutionalism and the Socialist State in an Era of Globalisation: An Inquiry into Vietnam’s Constitutional Discourse and Power Structures

Thiem H. Bui, The University of Queensland, Australia

Go West? The Influence of Eastern Countries on the Export Volume of the German Federal State Saxony: An Econometrical Analysis of Saxon Foreign Trade

Stefanie Lösch, Stephan Rudolph and Stefan Lämmer, Dresden University of Technology, Germany

The Growing Importance of Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) on Food Global Trade

Pablo Martinez-Mejia and Jaime E. Malaga, Texas Tech University, USA