International Award for Excellence

The Global Studies knowledge community offers an annual International Award for Excellence for new research or thinking in the area of globalization. All articles submitted for publication in the The Global Studies Journal are entered into consideration for this award. The review committee for the award is selected from the International Advisory Board for the journal and the annual Global Studies Conference. The committee will select the winning article from the ten highest-ranked articles emerging from the peer review process and according to the selection criteria outlined in the peer review guidelines. The winning author will be invited to the next annual Global Studies Conference, where they will be formally acknowledged in a short presentation. The winner will receive a free registration to attend this conference. The nine runners-up will also be formally acknowledged.


Award Winners

2013 International Award for Excellence

The Impact of China on Sub-Saharan Africa’s Ability to Work towards a Sustainable Future: A Secondary Analysis

Lynne Ciochetto, Massey University,  Wellington, New Zealand

2012 International Award for Excellence

The American Dream: An Indian Version in the Age of Globalization

Sudata DebChaudhury, San Diego Mesa College, California, USA

2011 International Award for Excellence

Globalization and Social Justice in Latin America in the Past Twenty Years

Jalil Safaei, University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

2010 International Award for Excellence

Embracing China — From Market Fundamentalism to Socialised Mercantilist Markets? Enter the Dragon, a New Set of Clothes for Turbo-capitalism

Jackson Nyamuya Maogoto, School of Law, University of Manchester, Manchester, England, UK

2009 International Award for Excellence

Power of McDonald’s ‘Happy Meal’: Globalization of American Culture and Value

Joanne Jung-wook Hong, Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University, North Ryde, NSW, Australia

2008 International Award for Excellence

Mobile Cities: Reinventing Urban Mobility

Oliver Schwedes, Research Unit Mobility, Berlin Institute of Technology, Berlin, Germany, Stephan Rammler, Head of the Institute of Transportation Design, Transportation Design & Social Sciences, University of Art Brunswick, Germany