Eighth Global Studies Conference

'Power and Participation in the Age of Big Data'

Imperial College London
London, UK
20-21 July 2015

Conference Focus

The 2015 Global Studies Conference will address a range of critically important ideas relating to globalization in the world today. 

We are inviting proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, or colloquia (See Proposal Types) addressing global studies through one of the following themes:

Economy and Trade Politics, Power and Institutions
Society and Culture Resources and Environment

Special Focus for 2015:
Power and Participation in the Age of Big Data

Proposal ideas that extend beyond these thematic areas will also be considered. For more information about the ideas and themes underlying this community, see Our Focus.

We also offer participation options for those individuals who cannot attend the conference. Authors who wish to submit an article for potential publication in the Global Studies Journal may submit a Proposal for Article Submission, while all members of the knowledge community with an accepted proposal may submit an online presentation to the knowledge community YouTube channel.

Special Focus for 2015: Power and Participation in the Age of Big Data

In ‘The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business’ Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, and Jared Cohen, Director of Google Ideas, present a bold vision for the digital age. At the heart of their vision is the project of ‘full connectivity’. (Schmidt 2013 p. 34) For Schmidt and Cohen the project of ‘full connectivity’ engenders the promise of more efficient markets, increased productivity and the tools for enlarged democratic action. Within this context Schmidt and Cohen make an important claim about the Internet as a historically specific social, political and economic phenomenon. The Internet, they argue, ‘could ultimately be seen as the realization of the classic international relations theory of an anarchic, leaderless world.’ (Schmidt 2013 p. 83) The 2014 focus theme for the Global Studies Conference seeks to ask how do we make sense of this ‘leaderless world’ claim? What can the digital age, and its communication technologies, teach us about the future of order in global life?

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Conference Details

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