Analyzing Venice 2020 Cruise Data

  • 2020-02-18
  • Avoid Crowds

Despite what you might have read in 2019, there is no cruise ban in place in Venice. Even more cruise ships are scheduled to arrive in the coastal city than last year. Cruise ship traffic to Venice will increase by 18 percent as we showed earlier in our overview of Europe’s busiest cruise ports. In total, 1.23 million cruise ship passengers are bound to come to Venice in 2020. With so many arriving passengers, Venice is ranked as Europe’s 7th busiest cruise port and number 22 in the world. In total, 56 different cruise ships are scheduled to arrive in Venice for a total of 514 times. On average, 1.4 cruise ships will bring an average of 3360 passengers each single day.

Cruise ships arrive in Venice each month of the year. The slowest month of the year is January when only one ship is scheduled to arrive in the city. February is equally slow with only 4 cruise ship arrivals. The true cruise season, with 87 percent of all cruise ship arrivals, starts in May and lasts until October.

In peak season, the average number of daily cruise passengers jumps to 2.45 ships per day or 5,711 passengers on average per day. The busiest month of the year is October when 36 different cruise ships are scheduled to arrive 84 times, bringing a total of 191,000 cruise passengers to Venice in one month.

Almost 64 percent of all cruise passengers arriving in Venice will do so during weekends. On weekend days an average of 7,362 cruise passengers are scheduled to arrive whereas on regular week days ‘only’ an average of 1,663 cruise passengers will be brought to Venice. That means that that during the weekend the average number of arriving passengers increases a crazy 342 percent.